An Athlete Wresting With a Python
Dual channel projection installation, Denying Eye
Art at the Bank with Mars Gallery 

In this dual channel moving image projection two children mimic the 1877 Frederic Leighton marble sculpture An Athlete Wrestling with a Python, housed at the Art Gallery of NSW, by gently grappling with a live carpet python. This act transforms Leighton’s depiction of man dominating nature into a softer, haunting, feminist view of interspecies interaction, embodying a contemporary reinterpretation. The original sculpture employs "figura serpentinata," a style depicting figures in dynamic, twisting poses that require viewers to move around it, symbolising the idea of shifting perspectives.

Theo & Arlo   
Carpet Python, Aurora

Sarah Fern

Denying Eye, the old Union Bank with Mars Gallery, Windsor, Melbourne. 

August, 2023