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Broken Chord
Five channel projection, 4:30min, Multi-Arts Pavilion mima, 2022

Photos: Wanagi Zable-Andrews 

Working with the premise of a broken chord—a chord that is deconstructed into notes played separately—a fractured composition is performed with a disfigured cello for the fire damaged forests of the Blue Mountains.

The artwork aims to re-imagine troubled ecologies between human-nature relationships through ruptured song. It may be read through multiple lenses that of colonisation, feminism, isolation, phenomenology, coexistence, trauma, loss and life cycles.

How do we discuss difficult things while keeping in tune? This is an emotional engagement with the complex history and scars of a landscape. It positions art as a navigational tool to work through dissonance and to find the points at which harmony sits, strikes or sings.

DoP & film editor: Gene Alberts.
Link to Exhibition Catalogue

Commissioned by Lake Mac Arts, NSW and assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.

September, 2022