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2021  Master of Fine Arts, First Class Honours, Visual Arts (Research), Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne
2019  Bachelor of Fine Arts, Visual Arts (Honours), Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne
2018  Bachelor of Fine Arts, Visual Arts, MADA, Monash University, Melbourne

Selected Exhibitions + Commissions 
2023 (forthcoming, May) Artist as Animal, ISEA2023 Symbiosis, Forum des images, Paris
2023 (forthcoming, April) Fieldwork, Composite: Moving Image Agency & Media Bank, Collingwood Yards Arts Precinct
2023 Danger confined space, Gladstone Spring Studio Moving Image Commission, South Melbourne  
2023 Under soil & skin, The Mission to Seafarers with the Centre for Projection Art & the City of Melbourne

2022  Under soil & skin, Mixed Methodologies, Picture Berlin, WIRWIR Gallery Berlin-Neukölln, Germany 
2022  Broken chord, Multi-Arts Pavilion MAP mima Cube, Lake Macquarie, NSW 
2022  Broken chord print series, The Museum of Art and Culture, MAC yapang, Lake Macquarie, NSW    
2022  Bowing the studio, Bilpin International Creative Initiatives Residency, Blue Mountains, NSW
2022  Played as they lay, Environmental Art Prize, Manly Art Gallery & Museum, NSW
2022  Sensing the other in whatever form it comes, Gertrude Street Projection Festival, City of Yarra, VIC
2022  Minor python, a-field, Heide Museum of Modern Art with the Centre for Projection Art, VIC
2022  Of alkaline, Metro Tunnel Art, Franklin St Acoustic Shed, City of Melbourne, VIC
2022  Something is sinking in, 8.0 Dark Horse Experiment, with Flinders Street Ballroom Personnel, West Melbourne, VIC
2022  The ocean wants you back, Spier Light Art Festival, Spier Wine Farm, Stellenbosch, Cape West, South Africa

2021  Played as they lay, Wrong Biennale No.5, Essence/Absence Pavilion, Wonderland Festival, Paris
2021  The ocean wants you back, PAST, PRESENTs, FUTUREs, Gertrude Street Projection Festival, City of Yarra, VIC
2021  Played as they lay, Wrong Biennale No.5, Essence/Absence Pavilion, cable television, Portugal
2021  Silenced strings, Birds & Language Conference Pop-up Digital Exhibition, Sydney College of the Arts
2021  Carving Cape Woolamai, Projection-performance, developed for Testing Nights, Testing Grounds, VIC
2021  Distilled dissonance: the species known & other beings, Island Island Digital Archive, Bus Projects
2021  Golden passage, official opening of Collingwood Yards Arts Precinct, with the Centre for Projection Art, VIC
2021  Played as they lay, Spier Light Art Festival, Spier Wine Farm, Stellenbosch, Cape West, South Africa

2020  Clean unclean, 3D scanned into reality, with Fringe 34 Digital, Melbourne Fringe Festival, VIC
2020  Blackout clean, Zero O’Clock Digital, curated by Sophia Cai, Centre of Visual Art (CoVA), VIC
2020  The Objet a and why you should want the heart of Himalayan monkeys et al, George Paton Gallery Virtual
2020  Light Windows, HoloCenter, New York, with Centre for Projection Art, Zaneth Manor & Collingwood Yards, VIC
2020  Tank, Next Wave Art Prize, New Student Precinct Project, University of Melbourne, Parkville, VIC

2019  Hold your tongue, Sir., Miegunyah Project Award, Ian Potter Museum of Art, Dulux Gallery Melbourne, VIC
2019  This is nice, with FiX Performance Group, KINGS (ARI), City of Melbourne, VIC
2019  Embryo, Circular, Blak Dot Gallery, Brunswick, Moreland City, VIC
2019  Shyness is nice (SIN), Performing Textiles, Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne, VIC
2019  Familial feet, Fringe 33, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Abbotsford Convent, VIC
2019  Balancing act, Dirty Dozen Creative Spaces, Campbell Arcade, City of Melbourne, VIC
2019  Built-Bridges-Burnt, Satellite Anthem curated by Kate Just, Assembly Point Vitrines, City of Melbourne, VIC

2018  Before the light leaves us, From Nature Festival, Gasworks Arts Park, City of Port Phillip, VIC
2018  Bear ear, Small Works, fortyfivedownstairs gallery, City of Melbourne, VIC 
2018  Fem*, Build/ReBuild, The Artists Guild, The District Docklands, City of Melbourne, VIC
2018  Fluoro Nightmare and the Restrained One, Intermission Gallery, MADA, VIC

Awards + Grants
2023  City of Melbourne, Arts Grant 
2022  Australia Council for the Arts, New Work Grant
2022  Manly Art Gallery & Museum Art Prize (finalist)
2022  Regional Arts, Creative Victoria Grant
2021  Judges Choice Award, Gertrude Street Projection Festival 
2021  Jim Marks Postgraduate Scholarship, University of Melbourne
2021  Fine Arts & Music Graduate Researcher Fund, University of Melbourne 
2020  Experimental Collaborations Grant, University of Melbourne
2020  Next Wave New Student Precinct Art Prize
2019  Ian Potter Museum of Art Miegunyah Research Award
2018  Bearbrass Prize for Bronze, MADA, Monash University

Conferences + Guest Talks
2022  Misdirected Unrealism, Art Association of Australia and New Zealand (AAANZ) Conference
2022  Bilpin International Creative Initiatives Residency, artist talk performance and screening, Wollemi National Park, Blue Mountains, NSW
2022  A Soft Pulse, artist talk, GSPF, Composite: Moving Image Agency & Media Bank, Collingwood Yards, VIC 
2022  Minor python, artist talk, Heide Museum of Modern Art, VIC
2022  Projection Practice, artist talk & teaching assistant, Centre for Projection Art Masterclass, Meatmarket, VIC
2021  Performing Cross-dissonant Problems in the Projected Image, Asia Pacific Artistic Research Network (APARN)
2021  Conscience Centred Methodology, Mattering, Significance & Value Research Symposium, University South Queensland
2021  Deaf Pixels, Memory Conference, Centre of Visual Art (CoVA), University of Melbourne
2021  Silenced Strings, Birds and Language Conference, Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney
2021  Distilled Dissonance, Faculty of Fine Arts & Music Graduate Research Symposium, University of Melbourne
2019  Miegunyah Research Project Strategies & Findings, Ian Potter Museum Award, Dulux Gallery, Melbourne

Residencies + Intensives  
2023  Data Relations Summer School, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art 
2022  Art + Ecology, CoVA Residency in partnership with Shepparton Art Museum, VIC (Current)
2022  MAP mima Artist Residency, Museum of Art and Culture, Lake Macquarie, NSW
2022  Posthuman Art labs, Universiteit Utrecht, with Dr Fiona Hillary, RMIT
2022  Bilpin International Creative Initiatives Residency, Wollemi National Park, Blue Mountains, NSW 
2022  Picture Berlin, Mixed Methodologies, Digital Artist Residency, WIRWIR Gallery, Berlin-Neukölln, Germany
2021  Intrusive Thoughts: the internal monologue with Sam Lieblich, Free Association Writing Group, VIC
2020  George Paton Gallery Mentorship with Dr David Attwood, VIC 
2020  The Institutional Collapse Masterclass, Artists for Artists (AfA) New York : International 
2020  Centre for Projection Art, Summer/Autumn Residency, Collingwood Yards, VIC
2019  Studio XL>XS Summer residency, The District Docklands, VIC
2019  Sonic Interdependence Masterclass with Julian Day: working materially with sound, VIC

Selected Published Writing
2022  ‘Performing Cross-dissonant Problems in the Projected Image,’ Issue 1, Findings Annual: Creative Arts Research in Australia (forthcoming)
2022  ‘Birds and Language,’ Issue 8, Guest Editor + Researcher, Unlikely Journal for Creative Arts 
2021  ‘The Link, The Limits Between,’ Interview with Gabriella Hirst, Currents Interdisciplinary Journal
2021  ‘The Species Known & Other Beings,’ Lecture Performance Essay, Bus Projects, Island Island
2020  ‘Conversation as Praxis,’ Editor + Researcher, Volumes of Mutual Aid Art Journal
2019  ‘Hold Your Tongue,’ Miegunyah Project Research Strategies and Findings, Ian Potter Museum of Art
2017  ‘Matthew Bird: Dormitorium,’ McClelland Sculpture Gallery, Art Almanac
2017  ‘Trapping the Island Tide,’ The Sculpture of Jon Eiseman, Trouble Magazine
2013  ‘Conversations with the Black Square,’ Gill Gatfield: Sculpture, Trouble Magazine

Image: The species known & other beings, 2021, flipping the viewing apparatus, installation view, Martyn Myer Arena.

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