Caught between feedback loops and light
Performance in the projected image, VCA Art Space 2021

Speaking through Žižek: interview with self-projection

In this multi-channel projection I interview my unofficial mentor, philosopher and cultural theorist Slavoj Žižek (I uninvited, he unaware*). Using snippets from lectures, the conversation is collaged together from found recordings. To each question, an answer is derived using Žižek’s own cut-up process to self-reflect through the projected image.

Column sized projections of projectors invigilate the conversation. Dust particles are caught between a crossfire of light overhead. Lumens lock eyes in the corners of the room: a stare down, as light strikes from all sides.

*This is a continuation of my previous explorations into the expanded field of unsolicited practice. Past, yet-to-be-informed, collaborators include Noah Fischer and Yoko Ono.

April, 2021