Fieldwork, Projection Performance
Composite: Moving Image Agency & Media Bank

During a private screening two emerging art critics, aged five and six, were invited to critique the visual and conceptual merits of Jen Valender’s moving image artworks filmed on the Australian landscape and within a robotic milking shed. Both art critics are hyperallergic to dairy. Their discourse was transcribed into a script, which actors performed for a public screening of the works at Composite Moving Image Agency & Media Bank. Another actor played the artist Jen Valender receiving the critique, while the real Jen Valender witnessed from stage right.

Michelle McCowage as Critic I
Haz Lugsdin as Critic II
Max McEnallay as Jen Valender

DP Gene Alberts

Created at CoVA’s Art + Ecology Residency Regional Victoria and supported by Creative Victoria Arts Fund.

April 2023