Deaf Pixels  
Silent Lecture-performance film, Centre of Visual Art, Memory Conference, University of Melbourne, 2021.

In this lecture-performance I narrate a personal history using 35mm film projection as a metaphor to explore constructed realities. Abstracted experiences are brought together to patchwork a narrative byway of the history of projected image technology. Lecture-performance is utilised to investigate silent analogue film through digital imagery. Associations between the language of film and the language of cognitive psychology are drawn closely together to make connections between histories of fading memory, the digital archive and soon-to-be obsolete technologies.

Deaf Pixels, film still, single channel colour lecture-performance, 14min41sec.
MRI scans adapted from © Nevit Dilmen, CC BY-SA 3.0; How You See It (1936) still, Public Domain.

September, 2021