Golden Passage
Collingwood Yards Art Precinct, Centre for Projection Art, 2021


Woven steel, created from images of the escalators at Parliament Train Station, 2021. Photo: Teagan Ramsay

From the vantage point of inner-city passageways, in 2020 I viewed the absence of commuters through woven masses of steel. Removed of moving bodies, the pathways now purposeless, I concentrate instead on crystalline light being washed across the surface.    
There is no beginning and no end as the large-scale structures push forward, irrespective of the silent transit. A bright thread from Parliament Station meets the corridors of the Nicholas Building in luminosity; infinitely entwined in the experience of contemporary history.    

Created for the opening of Collingwood Yards Art Precinct.
Special thanks to the Centre for Projection Art for presenting this project.

Golden Passage, single channel projection stills, Collingwood Yards. Photo: Dr. D.

Photo: Centre for Projection Art

March, 2021