This is nice
FiX Performance, KINGS Artist Run

Performers in bodysuits mingle around the gallery during an exhibition opening. A small circle has been cut from the fabric at each performer’s ear. They select a person in the gallery at random, place their ear on the back of this person and lean into them with the side of their body. This is a soft gesture and performers are mindful of how the person is reacting. They listen to their breath and heartbeat and match their pattern of breathing. It is said that when breathing is regulated it generates a sense of trust and relaxation between two people. Once settled, the performer states "this is nice" and stays with the person until they feel it is time to break away. The performer then repeats with a different individual in the crowd.  

FiX KINGS Flash Night. Photography: Dr D & JV. 

Klari Agar
April Chandler
Jen Valender

November 2019