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Art Association of Australia and New Zealand (AAANZ) Misdirected Unrealism, December 2022 Conference Panel.  

Broken Chord. Exhibition Catalogue, Multi Arts Pavilion, (MAP) mima, Lake Macquarie Arts, (2022).

The link, the limits between: performance and capture in the moving image. Interview with Gabriella Hirst, Currents Journal Issue Two (2021),

Distilled Dissonance: the species known & other beings. A room within a room. Lecture Performance Film, Island Island, Bus Projects (2021).

Conversation as Praxis; Self in collaboration: an inter(nal)play. Volumes of Mutual Aid art journal (2020), an Aid for Mutual Practice (AMP) art collective publication.

Hold Your Tongue, Sir: an investigation into Governor Bligh being hauled out from under a bed. Ian Potter Museum of Art Miegunyah Research Project Award (2019).